Rath Old                                                ( Killegy Cem. Killarney pending )

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  2. bowler1888 says:

    This is one of the best websites I have come across! It is simple to use for looking at a seeing different headstones of our cherished loved ones. It is well indexed. I will be sure to share this site whenever I get the opportunity!
    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Joe Maher says:

    Thanks Elaine, your comments appreciated

    • Greg Burns says:

      Hi Joe, I know that you’ve photo’d a zillion stones it seems. Do you recall one that was very old and most that was legible was “to my brother, Denis” as the partial inscription? I saw it last night while searching and I didn’t write it down, I’m trying to find it again. Any idea where it could be? Thanks! GB

      • Joe Maher says:

        Greg, thanks for contacting me. I do remember something like that but no clue where.
        Found. The only Denis died 1874 Tralee on ancestry and on the civil records but he was born c.1814. i found a few family trees with denis born 1823 and thats still a huge age gap to Bridget. His death would have to be registered but may not be the date he died, could be 1875 if he died in Dec.Also found Denis jr birth 1872.I think the father came home to die maybe ??.I also have many ancestors from Gortalea, Flemby & .Ballymacelligott.Denis could have been born anywhere in Ireland.On the 1910 us census Bridget arrived in 1870 but they are not very correct for sure.Trying to find them on the 1901 census but no luck so far. Might be under a varient spelling. Do you have a tree somewhere.
        Keep in touch, Joe

      • Greg Burns says:

        Good Morning Joe,
        Thanks for your reply. I just had an email from Kay. She sent me some extracts but of what I already had regarding a birth record for Denis, Jr and a death record for Denis, Sr in 1874. I was wondering…regarding that stone with the partial inscription, could I find it by searching on DENIS PREV?? I know that it may have nothing to do with my Denis but I need to satisfy my own curiosity. Kay also told me that Catholics were buried at Old Ballyseedy grave yard as well. I don’t see any stones related to Ballyseedy. Yes/no???

        Thanks again for your help and direction.

  4. Francis Donovan says:

    Thank you so very much for your excellent photographs of the headstones in Timoleague Abbey Cemetery. Excellent work!

  5. Greg Burns says:

    Hi Joe,
    Trying to find the grave of my 2x great grandfather, Denis Sheehy/Sheehan who died at Flemby, Ballymac, Tralee in May, 1874. He returned with his wife, Bridget Healy and 3 children, ames, Ellen and Mary from America in 1871. His wife stayed in Flemby until 1883 and then returned to Elizabeth, NJ with the children +1…a son, Denis, Jr born in 1872. I would think he’d be buried at Rath but no dice. Perhaps no stone but no record at all at the church either. Maybe he wasn’t from the Tralee area??? Bridget was from Gortatlea/Arabella. Any help or direction much appreciated. Thanks again. GB

    • Joe Maher says:

      Greg, the Kerry cemeteries are only indexed by surname yet.I am working on that but its a big task. 2 to 3 years work on that I’m guessing for me.Some of the illegible headstones are marked unclear.I do presume you are searching for Sheehy and not Sheehan in Kerry,

      • Greg Burns says:

        Yes…I am looking for Sheehy only since the Sheehan/Sheahan name is very uncommon. I’ve heard from Kay and she sent me a copy of the original church record of Denis, Jr and it clearly states “Dionysius Sheehy” with parents Denis SHEEHAN and Bridget Healy. So…I am thinking that the REAL name is SHEEHY and the Sheehan name was accepted by Denis when he emigrated here. Further, in the Tithe Applottment Books of 1823 there are NO Sheehan/Sheahan entries in Kerry at all rather all SHEEHY’s. I firmly believe too that Denis, Sr’s father was James and his mother, Ellen as both of his first and second born children were James and Ellen.


    • Joe Maher says:

      Greg are you living near the water treatment plant Hospital road.


      • Greg Burns says:

        No…I live at the New Jersey Shore. The family moved from Elizabeth, NJ in 1956. I found that “DENIS” headstone at Clogherbrien Cem, Tralee. # DSC01120 and another SHEEHAN stone #DSC0184. Regarding 01120, I was wondering if anything appeared on the other side of the stone since the visible script seems incomplete in that it says ” Also in memory of his brother Denis RIP Amen”. I’m guessing something else preceded those words for someone else buried there. Clogherbrien Cemetery is minutes from Tralee and about 8 miles NW of Flemby. My Denis could have been from that area. Bridget was from Ballymac and I believe that upon their return to Kerry, she wanted to be close to her family there. Where are you located?


      • Joe Maher says:

        I’m bang in the center of Tralee almost, just next to the main Hospital and across from the cemetery @ New Marian Park. The reason I asked is my site tracks ip addresses and I was wondering how accurate it is on maps.
        Sheehy and Sheehan are popular names in Fenit, The Spa & and in the area of Clogherbrien. I have Sheehy & Sheehan connections from that area and Tralee.My son lived in Flemby for a while and I have cousins in Gortalea.My mother (Hanafin) also came from that general area called O’Brennan and most places there come under the general area of Ballymacelligott.You might also consider that in those times many people were buried with the irish version of their names Sheehy=Síthigh & Sheehan=Siocháin just to complicate things more.

      • Greg Burns says:

        I’ve been to Tralee back in 2000 with my wife and kids…kids all grown now. In total, I’ve been to Ireland 4 times. I love the place !!! and the people. I was there in 2010 but only to Dublin and up into Antrim to visit some friends. Nice scenery up that way.

        By the way, that tomb at Clogherbrien, DSC0184, can decipher what the inscription says? I can tell part of it and see a date, 1841 but I can’t figure the rest. Any ideas? Thanks.


    • Joe Maher says:

      The inscription reads
      This tomb was erected by Denis Sheehan of LISCAHANE & Sons 1841…
      Liscahane is 4 miles nw of Tralee on the Ardfert road.(Remenbet its not Sheehy).

      • Greg Burns says:

        Yes…thanks, Joe. Regarding the Tithe books, 1823 isn’t it odd that there wasn’t a SHEEHAN about the place (Kerry) to be enumerated at the time? All are SHEEHY’S…adds to the confusion I suppose. I wonder if the English just lumped them all together so to speak and decided SHEEHY to be the name??

  6. Joe Maher says:

    I find it hard to figure how the son of Denis Sheehan and Bridget would be named Denis Sheehy
    Born 1872, on the Church reg records. Had the priest too much wine ??? , He was then transcribed as Sheehan

    • Greg Burns says:

      Me too, Joe. I’m wondering if the priest mis-heard the last name at first but had already put the name down. Could be too that he was “hitting” the wine 🙂 I know that if I don’t figure all of this out I’ll be hittin the wine myself. 🙂 I’m nothing but dead-ended with all this stuff.

      I’m figuring too that Denis, Sr would have been on the Griffith’s Val. He didn’t emigrate till c. 1863/65 and he was 45 in 1867 when his son, James was born in Connecticut. So, figure he was about 35-ish when he was still in Kerry.

      • Joe Maher says:

        Where did the 1874 death record come from. The Denis on the civil reg was aged 60 in 1874.?
        Also on Family Search Denis jr was born in 26 May 1872 but I think that the reg date.I knoe record dates and names can be a mess.
        My GG-Grandfarher Richard Talbot was born in 1808 but its listed as 1888. On my G-Grandmother ( Ellen Talbot) marriage cert online she is named ellen Richards .
        Both had fathers Richard. Its hard enough to find people and we could do without those mistakes


      • Greg Burns says:

        The death record for Denis, Sr was from the civil cert that I rec’d from the GRO. His age is WAY off…he wasn’t 60. Yes…the record on Family Search is the registration date. Sometimes, THAT date was used as the birth date rather than a few days before baptism since infant baptism in the old days occurred very close to birth. There is no accounting for the clerical errors and many of the old-timers didn’t care nor could they read what was actually inscribed. I have a great photo of Denis, Sr and my great grandmother, Ellen when she was about 3 or 4. It was either taken in Ireland soon after they returned or it was taken here. He doesn’t look 60 in the photo…more like early 50’s.

  7. Maureen Reilly Kelly says:

    Hello, sorry to interrupt, my father was William James Reilly from Elizabeth. His father was John J. Reilly, Sr and from what I can tell, John was the son of Bridget Reilly and William Reilly. Greg, please email me if you know more. TIA.

    • Joe Maher says:

      Hello,Do you have any dates and any indication of what area/County there were from.
      Were they from Kerry, Do you have any stories to go on.

      • Greg Burns says:

        Hi Joe,
        Lo and behold, I see that Maureen has posted info on your site. I just emailed her with some details and I would say that she and I are 1/2 cousins via Bridget Healy Sheehan/Sheehy Reilly. I am of the Sheehan/Sheehy line of Bridget’s first husband and Maureen of the Reilly line, Bridget’s second husband. As of the moment, I don’t know Maureen but the info provided about John J Reilly is definitely of interest. I will keep you posted as this develops.

    • Joe Maher says:

      We are all in this together so fire away.

      • Greg Burns says:

        Good Morning Joe,
        We are indeed in this together. I’ve had a detailed email from Maureen and she is my relative. I will respond to her today. In a nutshell, I’m not at all surprised to hear of her “revelations” about the Reilly’s both good and not so good. It’s life and that’s that. I be back to you.


  8. Joe Maher says:

    Yes, Greg, Maureen Keep the blog posted with any developments .

  9. hi great site. i found my great great GF, Denis Moriarty (1831 – 1915) and great great great GF, Denis (1795 – 1888). Is there anyway to get/buy a copy of that great picture without the copyright notice obscuring the grave info.

  10. Joe Maher says:

    Thanks Brian for donation !!! .
    I sent the pics two weeks ago. Looks like their in the clouds somewhere .
    Will send again.

  11. Debbie Kirkman says:

    I am trying to locate burial and stone for my gr grandfather Thomas Moriarty b abt 1823 died 1925 and wife Lucy Murphy Moriarty d 1922. They lived in Gortatlea. Thomas parents were Thomas Moriarty and Mary Reardon or Riordon. Any help would be appreciated!

  12. Debbie Kirkman says:

    I will look for the letter I have about his death and see if there is a specific death day mentioned. Thanks for looking.
    DebbieLucy death

  13. jessi Hilliard says:

    Hi Joe, fantastic work done… Im an avid family historian and do a lot of work for the county library as well as local historians. As i was going through your very extensive list, I couldn’t but notice the lovely Killeghy gaveyard near Muckross is not listed. Lots of very prominent upper class families of the 1800 and earlier buried there. the browns, Hilliards, Leahys, lots of very cool tombs dug into the hill…Regards Jessi

    • Joe Maher says:

      Thanks Jessi, yes did miss that one and must get to it soon.You know the old saying “theres always one”.
      I remember it and keep putting it off and on it goes.Thanks for the reminder. I researched it online
      and it looks pretty old. Must get to Macroom to finish that also.

  14. Kerry Neely says:

    Hi Joe! This is an AMAZING project! Thank you so much!! I found one of my ancestors’ headstones in St. John’s Cemetery / Brewery Rd. database. The stone is inscribed but I can’t quite make out all of it due to the copyright mark that pops up when you click on the pic. Would you be able to provide the transcription? The pic# DSC00149 James Boyes Henderson – He is my 4x great uncle; I was attempting to find his parents, my 4x great grandparents, James Henderson and Elizabeth Jane Boyes Henderson. I would appreciate any help you could lend! ~~ Kerry

    • Joe Maher says:

      Checked inscription today..
      Erected by their sorrowing children
      In loving memory of
      James Boyes Henderson
      died 25-4-1887
      His wife Susanna Jane
      died 13-2-1902
      She was a devoted mother
      and a true friend.
      Forever with the lord. 1 Thes

  15. seeking info or headstones for Daniel O’Connor and wife Bridget Duggan, were from Tralee, died between 1850-1900

    • Joe Maher says:

      They were married 3 Sep 1821 Tralee They had at least 8 children from 1821-1845
      Not many headstones survive before 1900 in Rath Cemetery Tralee.
      1866 looks like the death of Daniel age 74 unless you have other info you want to share.

  16. kelly o'connor says:

    Do you happen to know the names of the children? Plus any dates?

    • Joe Maher says:

      Children of Daniel O’Connor & Bridgit Duggan
      mar. 3 Sep 1821 Tralee

      Baptism of DANIEL CONNOR of TRALEE
      on 11 August 1822

      Baptism of PATRICK O’CONNOR of TRALEE
      on 17 March 1825

      Baptism of HONORA O’CONNOR of TRALEE
      on 11 March 1828

      Baptism of JOHN O’CONNOR of TRALEE
      on 17 December 1830

      on 17 November 1833

      Baptism of THOMAS O’CONNOR of TRALEE
      on 19 February 1837

      Baptism of MARY O’CONNOR of TRALEE
      on 24 January 1842

      Baptism of BRIDGET O’CONNOR of TRALEE
      on 3 March 1845

      • kelly o'connor says:

        Thankyou Joe

      • Joe Maher says:

        Going by traditional naming pattern the first male & female named after Daniels parents
        might be Daniel Connor Sr.& Honora Callaghan married 8-11-1785 Tralee.
        with children:

        Baptism of MARY CONNOR of TRALEE
        on 28 August 1786

        Baptism of JOHN CONNOR of TRALEE
        on 10 January 1789

        Baptism of DANIEL CONNOR of NR
        on 19 November 1793

        Baptism of CORNELIUS CONNOR of TRALEE
        on 30 June 1796

        Baptism of PATRICK CONNOR of TRALEE
        on 1 May 1799 (ASSUMED)

  17. Kelly O'Connor says:

    Thanks Joe but I don’t understand….if this Daniel Connor was supposedly born 1793 how could he have married in 1785 and have children born on the dates listed? I believe you have listed his birthdate wrong

  18. Joe Maher says:

    I have corrected my posts can you understand it now Kelly

  19. Doreen Dargon says:

    I am looking for John and Margaret (Donaghue) O’Connor from Faugh, County Kerry. Do you know a Cemetery there or near there? They had children named John (1853), Mary (1855), Catherine (1857), Margaret (1861), Patrick (1865), Denis (1867), Jeremiah (1869), Debora (1871), Johanna (1873), Francis (1875), Ellen (1876), Elizabeth (1878) and Timothy (1880).
    John, Patrick, Denis, Jeremiah, Debora m. Daniel Hyland, and Timothy are buried in Ireland.

  20. Doreen Dargon says:

    I tried to donate but it keeps rejecting my American phone number.

  21. Doreen Dargon says:

    Debora married Daniel Hyland. Is there a death record for her? Are there any records for Jeremiah, Patrick, Timothy and Francis?

    • Doreen Dargon says:

      I have been using this link but I can’t determine what happened to Jeremiah, Michael, Patrick, Denis and Francis.


  22. Angela Birch says:

    Hi Joe, visiting Kerry in May this year looking for Herlihy family grave Plot DSC01011 in Ratho 1 Old Cemetery. Old family farm is Meenathee, Ballymacelligot. Are you able to provide maps and directions to both from Killarney, where we are staying, as we cannot find them on Google. Thank you.

  23. Joe Maher says:

    That grave is in O’Brennan Ballymacelligott not Rath.. My Grand parents are buried there.
    The graveyard is attached to Patrick Keane’s farm whose brother is a neighbour of mine
    Map link copy paste to browser

  24. Angela Birch says:

    Thank you, Joe. Would Patrick Keane or his brother know of Meenathee, the old family farm in Ballymacelligot?

  25. Joe Maher says:

    Muingnatee is the correct Name you can find it on Google.
    You can ask when you visit the graveyard. I will see what I can find out

  26. Angela Birch says:

    Thank you very much, Joe

  27. Fiona Wos says:

    Thank you so much Joe for your time and dedication to putting this information together so that I can better learn about my ancestors. I live in NZ and it means so much to me to be able to see the headstones of my family and has broken down so many walls for me in searching for family. Can I just ask for some info that you may know. I have been searching for my cousin who was a well known GAA footballer and Hurler. His wife died just after having their son and she was buried with her family and is in John Joe Sheehy’s family plot. their son died in infancy I presume not long after she died, as far as I know my 1st cousin 2x removed never re-married and gave up his career as a footballer, must have been broken hearted. I have never been able to find his grave site in Rath Cemetery or the name of his son. My Cousin was John (Jackie) Ryan born 11/08/1904 and died 17/2/1954, I know from all of the obituaries that he was buried in Rath Cemetery. I am putting my personal e-mail here as opposed to the e-mail address that I use for donations. Hoping you can help

    cheers Fi

  28. Angela Birch says:

    Hi Joe
    Re Herlihy grave – on the afternoon of 4 May 2018 my sister and I have transport and a guide to visit family sites around Tralee. Do we need permission from the farmer, Patrick Keane, to visit the grave which is attached to his farm. Where is the farm in relation to Tralee so we can advise our driver and is the grave easy to access through the farm? Patrick is welcome to email me directly.
    Kind regards

  29. Joe Maher says:

    No you don’t need permission, it is not a private Cemetery.
    The road is a dead end. Easy access. I think I mapped it for you already.
    Will do again

  30. carl mckenzie says:

    hi Joe well i was wondering if could find Daniel HORGAN d 1870, Maglass, Castleisland, wondering if could find his headstone or find out where he buried, and burials of John BREEN died Ratass 1871, and wife Mary BREEN, d Cockhill, Kilcummin, 1879, Michael CONNOR, Michael CAHILL , from, Maglass

  31. carl mckenzie says:

    IS Possible that Daniel HORGAN maybe buried with early burials with Patrick HORGAN’S at Kilsarkan

  32. Gary Collins says:

    Ref Maurice Collins Stack OConnor Largest head stone Italian marble close to entrance guardian angle

  33. Ruth O'Sullivan says:

    Joe I have just come across your blog. How do I contact you? Ruth

  34. bob Fister says:

    Hello Joe, are there any older cemeteries in around Moyvane and Listowel that I could go visit when we come to visit in the spring? My son is making all arrangements as he wants to visit Cork as he is interested in Michael Collins birth and death. I do hope that we spend a day or two in around the Listowel, Kilbaha area. The son and I will get together later to hash out these locations for a place to stay.
    Thanks, Bob

    R P W Fister

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